Séjour immersion été 2023

My daughter Adèle would like to further study German language during next summer 2023 in an “immersion mode/intensive curse”. At the moment, she is still in “french Lycée/Gymnasium” until June 2024 and will be free during July and August 2023 (her summer holidays). Her current level is probably A2 and she would like to improve her level and live in Germany during several weeks. She will be 16years old next Summer and be interested in Summer courses.
As universities do not propose summer curse before 17years old, an alternative for her is to live in immersion mode with a “gastfamilie”.
Do you have any contacts and/or information to share ?
Vielen dank
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Ils parlent un drôle d’occitan en Lomagne… :open_mouth: Quand je pense que même Richard Coeur de Lion écrivait des poèmes dans cette langue… Si le Midi avait voulu…